Is your artificial grass ECO friendly?

Yes, our grass has no harsh chemicals and the backing is made of recycled materials.

We have all the Health and Safety certifications required by New Zealand and Australasia Kindergarten Associations, so you can rest assured your kids, your pets and the environment will be better off with our grass. 

What happens if we don't like your landscaping options or your quotes?

Our meeting time is essential, if you provide us with all the information we need and we apply our expertise we are sure you will like our offered options, however, if you don’t like the options we provided, then you have 2 further options:

  1. Upon agreement, we can continue working on a design for you and we will charge you by the hour $75 plus GST.

  2. You can contact another company you might wish to have the work done by.

What is your time frame?

It depends on the Season and also on the job required. Also as weather plays a big part in our business, we can sometime strike delays beyond our control.

Do you work over Christmas?

Yes, we do it is our busiest time.

When would you be able to start our landscaping job?

Once we receive 50% deposit from you we schedule the job on a first in first served basis.

What’s your initial process?

Our initial process has 4 basic steps:

We meet with you and all parties involved once to gather the information,  take measurements and photos of the site

  1. We then work on a couple of options for you to decide your preferred one.

  2. Once you made a decision we work on a specific quote.

  3. Once quote is approved by you and 50% deposit has been made we scheduled the job.

  4. We complete the job.

Will you be doing all of the work yourselves?

Depending upon the job required, we may or may not involve our contractors. We have a trustworthy list of contractors we work with, and all our contractors, be it certified plumbers, electricians, builders or labourers, are fully insured for your peace of mind. Our workmanship is guaranteed.

What is the process of installing an artificial lawn?

Artificial lawns come in a variety of pile lengths suitable for a specific application. We can provide lawns that are certified for sports such as tennis, football, golf and hockey as well as the added benefit of under-lawn cushioning for play areas. The lawns we install come with a 10-year warranty, are made without heavy metals or harmful chemicals and are UV resistant.

The process of installing an artificial lawn may take a couple of days depending on the size. The process involves:

  1. Removing the top layer of grass and soil to attain a flat area

  2. Adding an aggregate of Gap 7 (Crusher dust) and compacting

  3. On top of this, we put weed matting and pin

  4. The artificial grass goes on top of this, and joint seams and fix to box edges where required

  5. Then we sweep using a mechanical sweeper and add dry kiln sand on top of the grass

  6. We do a final sweep to ensure the sand has settled into the lawn fescues

  7. Enjoy...

If you require finance, our financial partners Metro Finance are here to help. Apply for finance here.

Credit card payment is available with a 2.9% surcharge.

Can Artificial Grass be laid on concrete?

Yes, we can also lay artificial grass on decks, concrete, pavers etc, as long as the surface is even. In these situations we will use adhesive to bind the grass to the surface.

Won’t my pets destroy the grass?

Actually a large majority of our clients have pets (in particular Dogs) as artificial grass works excellently with our four-legged friends. Natural grass will burn and die back with constant urination and will never look particularly appealing. The grass we use is permeable, meaning that dog and cat pee with go straight through without affecting or staining the grass. Number Twos can easily picked up (as you world with natural grass) thus the grass will always look great 365 days of the year.

We also have worked with the New Zealand Blind Foundation is installing grass for their Puppy Breeding Programme in Homai, Manukau. They trialed an area, only for management to request we do every puppy enclosure as it reduced cleaning (the pups weren’t bringing in dirt and muck into the indoor enclosures) and reduced the chance of staff slipping on the dead grasses (ie mud).